Rently Keyless Smart Home

Learn more about Rently Keyless smart-home technology.

Rently Keyless Features

Rently is revolutionizing smart-home technology.

Eliminate Keys!

Issue durational codes to renters, contractors, and vendors right from the Rently Keyless software.

Rently started in 2010 with a mission to revolutionize the way vacant properties are leased with the world's first on-demand vacancy showing solution. 

With Rently Keyless, we bundle easy to use software and elegant keyless entry hardware to secure, access and manage your property portfolio. Our technology is catered to serve vacation rental, single family and multi-family operators.

Enhance Property Security.

Lock, unlock and monitor a home right from your smartphone. Complete audit logs allow you to keep track of when guests entered a property.

Increase Customer Satisfaction.

Thousands of property managers and nearly 1,000,000 renters trust Rently. Shouldn't you?

By providing renters an easy way to access a property, you provide added convenience and better reviews.

Bundled Keyless Entry Hardware and Software.

Rently Keyless Benefits

Tri-Band technology uses Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Cellular for best uptime.

Enhanced Property Security.

Easy to use iOS/Android/Mac/PC friendly software.

Remote Lock via Cell Phone or Wi-Fi

  • Tri-Band Rently Keyless Hub
  • Keyless Entry Lock
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Lighting

Keyless Entry Components

Property Managers and Renters love Rently!

Matthew Whitaker,

"Rently's technology is the future of our industry."

Team Leader, GK Houses Property Management

With Rently, utilize Wi-Fi or Cell Phone signals to remotely lock or unlock a property.

Issue Codes, not Keys!

Thermostat Control

Remotely Lock Properties

Eliminate the need for key checkouts and provide added convenience for renters.

Save on utility bills by remotely adjusting temperatures and setting seasonal schedules.

Manage your property with Rently Keyless

 Rently understands how much time, money, and energy is spent on property management. Why not give yourself peace of mind by securing, accessing, and managing a property with Rently Keyless?

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